Spanish Albariño Good with Serbian Fish

We tried Serbian fish from Supercook. Haddock fillets are marinated in white wine, onion, garlic, fennel seeds, lemon juice and parsley. Meanwhile potato slices are baked in the oven with tomatoes, salt, paprika and flour.  The marinated fish is then added to the baking dish together with chopped bacon, mushrooms and sour cream and returned to the oven.  A tasty way to cook haddock.

To drink with the fish we chose a bottle of 8 Razones Albariño 2013, a Spanish white from Sunday Times Wine Club.

There was a slight sweetness with citrussy, yet mellow nectarine flavours. The wine paired well with the meal.

A Spanish Albarino is Very Good with Pan-Fried Plaice with Sauce Normande

We pan-fried whole plaice and served the fish with Sauce Normande, sauté potatoes and green beans.

We used the Supercook recipe for the sauce.  It’s made from butter, flour, fish stock, mushroom ketchup, egg yolks and single cream.

We opened a bottle of Sendero des Santos Albarino 2012, a Spanish white from Sunday Times Wine Club.  See here for another pairing with this superb wine. 2015-10-13 17.51.31

There were tropical fruits on the nose followed by flavours of pineapples and peaches with a lemony finish.  A delicious tangy mouthful and very good with the plaice.

Spanish and New Zealand Whites Just Right with Pimiento Chicken

We cooked Pimiento Chicken from Supercook.  Chicken pieces are cooked with onion, pimientos or red peppers, tarragon, chicken stock, white wine, beurre manie and double cream.

The dish has a Spanish feel to it so we served it with Spanish Potatoes from the BBC Good Food website.  Small chunks of potato are mixed with tomato purée, smoked paprika, garlic, lemon juice and parsley and then roasted.

We thought a bottle of Sendero des Santos Albarino 2012, a Spanish white from the Sunday Times Wine Club would make a good pairing.

We found the wine smooth and creamy with flavours of summer fruits especially peaches and nectarines. There was a tangy lemony finish.  We thought this quality wine was a very good match with the meal.

We had the remainder of the chicken a few days later and decided to try a Chardonnay. This served as an object lesson on why its important to to get the oakiness right when choosing the right pairing.  At first we thought oak might be a problem so opted for a bottle of Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay from Costco.  Nothing wrong with the wine, but we knew straight away more oak was needed and set it aside.

We chose a bottle of Wither Hills Chardonnay 2011, a New Zealand white from the Wine Society. Decidedly more oaky and we tasted peaches, sweet melon and plenty of creaminess with a touch of citrus on the finish.  This delicious wine was superb with the chicken.2014-05-30 18.58.00